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                How Woodchairparts was formed
                          Dave Steigerwalt     

     After many years of restoration and construction, I developed WOODCHAIRPARTS to fill a needed service for furniture replacement parts. This was prompted by the condition of the furniture coming in for restoration. Many pieces had replacement parts that were improperly installed an made very poorly. When the economy dips and layoffs occur people try to find ways of supplementing there income by restoring furniture. Most don't have the resources to do a proper restoration and the customer is left with substandard work. I recognized this and created woodchairparts.com.
     Woodchairparts.com was developed for  restorers of all skill levels to have access to replacement chair parts. I specialize in hand crafted duplication of furniture parts. All I ask is, send us a sample or the broken part or chair spindle and in turn make it easier for craftsman or craftswomen to restore furniture by supplying them with parts of equal quality as the original manufacture. Improving their work at a very competitive cost. Also improving costumer relations.
   Dave was not satisfied with just furniture parts and branched into spindle duplication. Thus creating SPINDLES by WOODCHAIRPARTS.
    I mastered the art of spindle turning and developed special techniques that are built into every spindle he turns. Spindles turned will never leave for shipment unless they are as close a duplication as possible. Since 2005, I turned hundered of replacement chair spindles and the number keeps growing. We use only FAS hard woods supplied by local suppliers to insure the best wood for duplication.
    I also specializes in color matching of spindles. By using quality products and the knowledge of the chemistry using stains and finishes, he is able to obtain a match that most could never achieve.
     I can boast about my turnaround time. Hand turned spindles in days. Unheard of in the craft. Our experience and perseverance enables us to provide the best duplications
through out the United States.
     I also encourage unskilled restorers and refinishers to  seek advice.  Use professional restorers such for difficult restorations that require special techniques. There's many professional restorers in your area or near by. By supporting them and using their experience we can save furniture for generations.
        My goal is to supply chair spindles of quality and most of all help for first time restorers that want to preserve their heritage and heirlooms for their future generations.
                                               Dave Steigerwalt

  Most unusual. The 32" Hickory spindles were turned for a new cradle. The cradle maker is Robert from Thomson Ga.





























CAUTION:  Don't Let this happen to you. Demand no nailing and screws. Your furniture and chairs are made without nails and visible glue. If your restorer does not understand this. DUMP THEM.   
 Duplicate spindles created for Henry from
 Wilmington DE. Hickory wood has a fine grain
 and is a challenge to match the color.  
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