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 We do not make Barley Twists or reeded twists. Making twists requires special equipment which is different then lathe work.                   Important
  A good rule of thumb is if it cant be turned on a lathe a picture must be sent with your request.  
There are spindles that we cant do except by hand work. Which changes the cost.
Formula:   Machine cost. ( CHART 1 )    +    Wood cost ( CHART 2 )  For each spindle.
                  CHART 1                                                   CHART 2                               

1/2" to 1"   $10.02  $11.49   $16.53   $20.42   $26.64   $28.80 
1" to 1 1/2  $12.60   $13.80   $18.47   $25.30   $31.08   $33.48 
1 1/2 to 2"   $17.88  $21.18   $24.26   $28.39   $35.92   $39.66 
2" to 2 1/2   $18.94  $27.69  $29.88   $35.34  $41.20   $50.14 
2 1/2" to 3  $23.88   $28.65   $35.40  $40.20  $47.97   $51.95 
3" to 3 1/2   $25.98  $34.10   $38.76   $41.83   $52.48   $58.32 
Length of Spindle
Spindle Width Cost
½" to 1" $10.90
1" to 1½" $11.75
1½" to 2" $12.50
2" to 2½" $15.00
2½" to 3" $19.00
3" to 3½" $24.00











     1" to 6"      6" to 12"      12" to 18"    18" to 24"    24" to 32"   32" to 36"





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How we make Bent Spindles, Slats, Splats and other bent furniture Parts.
        Bent Spindle: Spindles that are curved, (sometimes an "S" curve). are evaluated for curvature, thickness and wood type. Once the details are examined, we duplicate the spindle. Once duplicated it is sat aside. The original is then used to make a mold to form the bend when steamed. The mold is complicated because when the spindle is bent it has spring back or the spindle wants to return to its original shape. The mold is made to accommodate for spring back. The duplicate is steamed and inserted into the mold and clamped. The drying time varies greatly. At least 3 to 4 days. 
         Bent Slats. The same procedure is followed above, except the slat is made by laminating veneer together to make the bend. A mold is made. Spring back is not an issue. Mutable pieces of veneer are inserted in the mold and clamped.  
          Bent Splats. A mold is made larger then the splat. Venners are cut the size of the mold and glued. The veneers and mold is inserted into a cold press where vacuum is used to make a ridged monolithic blank. The blank is then machined to cut the shape and cut-outs in the splat.







The cost for a mold to bend Spindles and Slates     $27.00                              The cost for a mold for Splats requires an estimate


Additional Costs for Spindle and Leg duplication
Hand work for spindle duplication if required                 $5.00 each  Stain duplicates to match the color and spray finish.        $4.50 
Mortises for spindles, legs and furniture parts.              $5.00 each   Paint duplicates White and Black only.                               $5.00
Holes drilled in spindles                                                     $.50 Each   Colored paint requires paint mix.                                         $ 20.00/qt
Tennon repair restoring a spindle if possible.                 Estimate required.   Sand paper usage during the duplication process.            $ .50 each
Repair breaks in furniture parts.                                       Estimate required.   Hazardous Waste charge.                                                   $ .50/order
Maple    Walnut    White Oak    Red Oak    Mahogany    Poplar (not for spindles)   Cherry   Havea Wood (Rubber Wood)   Birch