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Whether  you are a first time chair restorer or a professional refinisher we are here to help. We believe that the chair you restore today will be a family heirloom in the future. Our chair spindles will make the difference. 
 We enjoy
turning wood spindles. A matter of fact, we have turned thousands of duplicates since the start of The only way you can have a spindle duplicated is by sending a sample to us. Look at the cost, send it to us and we will take care of it from there. Our fast turnaround and USPS Priority Mail return shipping helps continue you restoration with a minimal delay. We make it easy.  Thanks Dave


Welcome to Woodchairparts

        We developed our site for anyone who restores antique or modern furniture. Woodchairparts will assist you during your restoration by supplying you with hand duplicated-furniture and chair parts. Spindles By Dave Steigerwalt. Dave specializes in duplicating chair spindles of all shapes and sizes. You can count on us to provide the best and fastest duplication available. Just send us a sample. It's as easy as that.

 We also repair furniture parts by replacing the damaged area. This is necessary to maintain as much of the original wood as possible. Our lathe operators and woodworkers have been restoring furniture for many years. We have the touch that is needed to make a duplicate part or a repair look like it was made years ago. What ever the age, we will do our best to keep it looking authentic. Whether it's a flea market find, a family heirloom, or a treasured antique. WoodChairParts will make that restoration a little bit easier.

 If you have any questions about duplicating wood furniture parts or need further information, e-mail us or complete our contact form. We will respond promptly.

Restoring an antique?  Does it have missing or damaged parts?
Just send us a sample. It's as easy as that.

Important News. If you do not receive your spindles for duplication with in a 2 weeks time please contact us. Also please include a note in the box for shipping with your name and address. Also fill in the contact form. We get spindles with no indication who they are from. When shipping from a carrier store include a note.

What we do.
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Fill in the contact form when sending parts. Its the only way we can make sure to expect your package.
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Spindles we can duplicate.
Spindle turned   
 We do chair legs for new furniture. The legs break at the bolt holes. We stock the wood necessary to duplicate the legs and stain to match. This is a growing problem where the retailer can't replace the legs. All we need is a sample of the leg. That's Easy.

We are always here to help in your restoration.
             Thanks Dave

 Dave's Word. New coming soon.
  Spring is here. I recommend regluing and fixing your chairs. Winter months dry out your chairs and open the mortises. This is the time to reglue your chairs.
 Regluing is easy. Use a yellow glue. Ruff up the tenons and the holes. put glue around both and insert. If you don't have a clamp just make sure the tenons are in the same distance as they originally were and the chair sits on the floor flat.
 Just a mention that I would like to thank all the restorers, experienced or not, that supported us over the years. We lost count of the number of spindles turned. The best we can guess, it is approaching 10,000. We are the best turners in the country. we are not bragging we just want to help and want your business. We could not have reached this number without your help. 2006 to date. Thank you. Dave
 Chairs are priced pennies on the dollar. Now is the opportunity to buy chairs that fit your decor for a couple of bucks. The chairs that are real wood will last for years if restored. Try your hand at chair restoration. Maple chairs come in a variety of styles and shapes. They are a good chair to start restoring.

 I am always available to assist you in restoring furniture. Fill out the contact form and I will email back. Sending pictures are a good thing.    
Thanks, Dave


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