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Updated 10/25/2017
Return Address

PO BOX 115
Use this address for the post office, USPS and packing stores. Without the post office box number your package will not be delivered to us. 



Sending spindles to WOODCHAIRPARTS.COM


                     Postage and Labeling.
  Important address change for FedEx and UPS

Follow your carriers instructions for postage and labeling. USPS , FedEx and UPS have different requirements for labeling. Be aware because it will delay your shipment from arriving to us.
2.  It is our recommendation that you use USPS PRIORITY MAIL because of the tracking feature that is included. It's easy to do. Go to USPS.COM and follow the instructions to send packages. Same with UPS. Print the shipping label and give it to your letter carrier. Tape all tubes on both ends.
 Bar coded labels are easier for the shippers to process and get it to the shipping destination. It's your dission whether to send first class or Priority Mail. First class can not be tracked if the package does not arrive to us.
UPS and FEDEX address below.
            Boxing your spindles or parts.

    1. Use a sturdy packaging or box. USPS provides packaging materials or use a shipping service. If you use your own materials  make
sure its suitable for shipping.
      2.  Make sure that all ends are taped even if the packaging material has self adhesive. This will prevent pilfering.

  We receive many packages during a year and see the condition of them when they arrive. The best packaging is a box that is not damaged and is labeled with the carrier logo. It seems the Post Office treats the packages better, not to damage there own brand name.
Click file on your browser, click print page, click print
Cut out label and use clear tape to attach it to the box or envelope.
We can not receive packages form the Post Office or USPS and packing stores with the address below.

Only UPS or FEDEX deliveries use the address

        453 Fritz Valley Rd.
        Lehighton Pa 18235

        Do not use this address for USPS postage.